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In our current online marketing world, business owners may feel overcome by the sheer number of choices they face and usually end up making decisions that aren’t always the best for their business. It’s most apparent when it comes to the bedrock of a business’ online presence. Your Website.

When you start the process of building a new website (or updating your old one), there are a few points to keep in mind that are simple, but extremely important. Remembering these tips will ensure that your website helps your business connect effectively with all your online customers, current and potential.

1. Have ONE Website

Think of your website as the digital store front of your business. Websites should be easy to find, and always there when the information and services it provides is needed.

If your unhappy with your current website and want a new one, it’s very important to make sure you take the old site down. Don’t make people sift through multiple websites to figure out which one is the most current or accurate.

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2. Own Your Domain Name

A domain is your website’s address on the web, or what potential customers type into their browser’s address bar to get to your website (i.e. www.yourbusinessname.com). If you don’t own your own domain, your website will look like this www.yourbusinessname.3rdparty.com, which is harder for potential customers to remember and your branding suffers.

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3. Build With Your Customer In Mind

It’s imperative that your website promotes your business and explains the value it brings, but the manner in which it does that is important. You want your website to promote your business as a solution for your customers problem or needs, and convey the services and value you provide.

The priority with your business’ website is fulfilling visitors needs who can benefit from your business, all other perks then come organically.

4. Think of Your Website as a Digital StoreFront

Your website isn’t just a Digital business card that tells interested prospects about your business. It’s a Digital storefront that a visitor enters each time he or she visits your website.

First and foremost your website visitors should have easy access to the information they need and see the value your business brings.

KD Solutions StoreFront

5. Make your website user friendly

With a user friendly and easy-to-navigate website, your users are directed to get the information and build the trust they need to follow through with the intended action that your website was made for. Like we said before, your website isn’t just a business card, it’s a storefront which potential customers/clients can engage and interact with.

Whether it be getting a quote, signing up for your email list, or purchasing your product, make it as simple as possible for customers/clients to perform this action.
By doing this, you can turn your website into a successful representation of your business.

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